A New Reference Library (Without Any References)

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a computer program named Bibdesk which creates a reference library and helps you organize the reference materials inside your library.  References can be in various forms such as papers, books, theses and conference proceedings. Bibdesk has now become an invaluable tool in my research efforts. Bibdesk reduces a lot of the tedious work needed to write bibliographies, can quickly sort through a sea of references to find the one you need and helps keep track of all the reference materials you have.   Some useful features of Bibdesk include grouping references into categories, writing summaries about each paper, and finding references by keywords or authors. Another key feature is that references in pdf form can be linked to your reference library regardless of where the reference is located on your computer.  I recommend you start using Bibdesk while the number of your references is still small.  Once  your references pile up, it will be arduous to transfer them onto Bibdesk.  Bibdesk is still relatively new and there are often new updates available that make it better and better.  For more information about Bibdesk please click here.

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