Internet Seminar on Evolution Equations

The Internet Seminar on Evolution Equations is a three-phase mathematics course intended to teach advanced mathematics topics to upper level students (graduate students and post-doctoral fellows) and bring together fledging and senior researchers. Each year covers a different topic related to evolution equations. For example, the 14th internet seminar discussed infinite-dimensional linear systems theory.  The 15th internet seminar, which begins October 2011, will focus on operator semigroups for numerical analysis.

In phase 1 (October to February), weekly lectures are distributed online with accompanying exercises.  Team work on exercises and communication regarding lecture materials between participants and lecturers are encouraged.  Phase  2 (March to May) separates phase 1 participants into small groups who work on related projects guided by one or two senior researchers.  During Phase 3 (June), the projects are presented in Blaubeuren, Germany.  All participants stay at the Heinrich-Fabri Institut for one week where each day is filled with project presentations, plenary talks and plenty of opportunities to meet the other participants in person.

I had the opportunity to participate in the 2010/2011 seminar.  The environment is interactive, open and unique.  It also brings together mathematicians from all over the world in different research fields.  From beginning to end, the internet seminar was an invaluable experience and I encourage those interested to participate.

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