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Writing Tips

A noticeable difference between graduate studies and undergraduate studies is the significant increase in writing formal documents. They can be in the form of theses, lectures, abstracts, papers, lectures, applications, progress reports, etc. The following are seven simple but effective writing tips taken from the August 2011 issue of Graduate Connections.  They are writing philosophies that some of the world’s most respected authors live by.

1. Omit the boring parts.

2. Eliminate unnecessary words.

3. Keep it simple.

4. Let criticism guide you.

5. Write a lot, all the time.

6. Write what you know.

7. Take a chance – don’t always play it safe.



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Commonwealth Games Canada International Internships

Commonwealth Games Canada wants to send six Canadians aboard as Capacity Support Officers as part of their “international development through sport” program.  The internship involves fundraising, administrative duties related to sports activities and requires some computer skills. Applicants should have experience, education or a background in physical education, sports and recreation management, kinesiology and/or health. Positions are for Barbados, Botswana, Scotland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, St. Lucia, Swaziland and Tonga. Placements can be for three months to up to one year and combined locations for one intern are possible. The application deadline is December 4, 2011.  For more details please visit the Capacity Support Program site.

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Alberta Grants in Biodiversity





The Alberta Conservation Association has granted millions of dollars to ecological research in Alberta, Canada under their Grants in Biodiversity program. All research areas related to biodiversity are eligible but studies must be conducted in Alberta. Applications must be written by  graduate students and post-doctoral fellows (not supervisors). The deadline for this years application submission is December 1, 2011.

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Canada Career Week Fair

The 15th annual Canada Career Week Fair will be held from November 18 to 19 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Over 175 exhibitors will be on hand with employment and volunteer opportunities, career advice, educational programs, training options and industry information.  Free resume reviews and interactive mini-workshops will also be available.  Admission and parking is free.  Attend the fair prepared because employers will take notice of those with polished resumes, professional dress attire and etiquette, an inquisitive knowledge of their company, easy exchange of contact information (e.g. business cards) and confidence.

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