Managing Your Online Reputation

With the wide spread and easy access of the internet, employers can now learn unprecedented information about employees, applicants and potential candidates. In a recent article posted on Open Forum, the author suggests ten simple and easy ways to manage your online profile.  They are summarized below. The full article can be found here.

  1. Set up alerts to receive email notifications every time your name appears in new online content.  See Google Alerts.
  2. Search yourself online.
  3. Ask a friend to search you online.
  4. Ask others to modify content about you on their websites.
  5. Be critical, careful and thoughtful of the content you put online.
  6. Every so often review your personal websites, blogs, Facebook account, Linkedin profile, etc. and remove or amend any information you feel is inappropriate and/or outdated.
  7. Create new, positive and current content about yourself on sites you personally manage.
  8. Link positive content amongst your personally managed sites, profiles and blogs.
  9. Ensure you own your own name on common sites such as Twitter.
  10. Update your privacy settings.

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