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International Development Research Centre

The work of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)  provides growth and development to developing countries via Canadian research. Most research areas fall under the following:

  • development
  • economics
  • environment
  • evaluation
  • food and agriculture
  • governance
  • health
  • information and communication
  • natural resources
  • science and technology
  • social policy.

There are funding opportunities for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, institutions (whether they be international or Canadian) and grants for approved research proposals.  There are also career opportunities for students and professionals at IDRC.  Keep up to date with IDRC by subscribing to their bulletin and blog.


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Robarts is a non-profit medical research institute located in London, Ontario, Canada.  Some of their areas of research include medical imaging, cellular and molecular biology, genomics, immunology and stem cell biology.  Some of the diseases they investigate include Parkinsons, diabetes, asthma, cancer, strokes and Alzheimer’s. Robarts works with physicians, biologists, statisticians, pharmacists, chemists and engineerings. They also facilitate learning and teaching programs in collaboration with the University of Western Ontario.

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Congress 2012 of the Humanities and Social Sciences

The 2012 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences will showcase Canadian theatre, literature, film, history, education, knowledge, creativity, sociology, international development, career building, multiculturalism and much more. This year’s theme is  “Crossroads: Scholarship For An Uncertain World”. Events fall under six categories: Big Thinking, Career Corner, Cultural Event, Equity Issues, Keynote and Panel.  Hear talks from Margaret Atwood, His Excellency, The Right Honourable David Johnston,  the Ambassador of Italy and a host of other brilliant and influential Canadians and Canadian Associations.

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences is organized by the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.  This year the congress is being held in Waterloo, Ontario from May 26 to June 2. It will be hosted jointly by Wilfred Laurier University and the University of Waterloo.

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BC Cancer Agency

The BC Cancer Agency provides health care throughout the province of British Columbia and Yukon, and conducts cancer-related research.  Their focus on research falls under three board specturms: discovering the causes of cancer, developing better treatments, and prolonging the life and quality of patients. Much of their research is conducted in a laboratory setting, clinical trials and providing counselling and support. They often collaborate with  research institutions, non-profit organizations, and industry (locally, nationally and globally) which facilities better and faster discoveries. Much of their funding comes from the BC Cancer Foundation.

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