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Perimeter Institute

The Perimeter Institute was founded in 1999 to facilitate research in the area of theoretical physics. In particular, their research includes quantum information, string theory, cosmology, particle physics and condensed matter. The institute offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and international researchers. They have also developed an extensive outreach program for students, teachers and general public.


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NanoTechnology in Canada

There are several not-for-profit nano organizations across Canada that oversees the development of nanotechnology in academia, government and industry. They are involved with research, financial investments and bringing awareness to this field. Nano centres can be found in AlbertaBC, Ontario, and Quebec. Here are some upcoming nano events:

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Career Days

Near the end of September, once the academic year has begun and the routine of academic life has settled in, many universities host career fairs or career information days. The idea is for many employers and career professionals to conglomerate in one place, at one time and dispense their expertise to as many students as possible.  It is an ideal opportunity for students to explore career and employment options. Here is a list of a few Canadian universities hosting career fairs:

University of Toronto — September 19 to 21, 2012

Dalhousie University — September 25, 2012

University of Waterloo — September 26, 2012

University of Alberta — September 26, 2012

Memorial University — September 27, 2012

McGill University — Various dates

Please note that some of the career fairs may only be opened to current students or alumni of the host institution.

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Online Applications: Tips for Success

There are unique features and potential issues that can arise with online submissions versus mailing applications. The following are a few tips for successful online applications.  The full article comes from the Queen’s University Career Services.

  1. Start early to avoid site traffic and online problems.
  2. Prepare in advance in order to successfully answer timed questions.
  3. Follow instructions carefully; for example, use the font style and size stated.
  4. Use keywords since some online applications are firstly screened through a digital filter.
  5. Read privacy policies to ensure your personal information is protected.
  6. Unless specifically instructed, do not send a paper copy.
  7. Save a copy of your online application.
  8. Record all passwords  and usernames of online applications.
  9. Keep a detailed list  of your online applications.

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Baycrest is an academic health sciences centre with strong ties to the University of Toronto. It provides patient care, and conducts research and  training programs. Baycrest specializes in issues related to geriatrics. Their research investigates neurological impairments and diseases such as depression, strokes, alzheimer’s and dementia. They also have a clinical training program in geriatric care.

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