A Brief Overview of Telephone Interviews

Often telephone interviews are the first step to gaining employment.  It is important to prepare for a telephone interview as if it were an in-person interview. Aside from the obvious prep work, such as researching the company and considering questions for the employer, it also includes dressing for the part during the actual time of the telephone call. Most people feel more confident in professional attire and this is carried through in their voice. As well, smile, acknowledge and nod “with your voice” as this conveys you are focused on what the interviewer is saying.

An advantage to phone interviews is that you can have “cheat” sheets in front of you.  These sheets could be your resume, cover letter, description of the position, information about the employer, etc. Be sure that the sound of shuffling paper is not heard in the background. Moreover, ensure that the telephone interview is being held in a quiet room with no noise and no distractions.

Lastly, have a pen and paper at the ready to write done any comments or questions that come to you during the call.

**Much of the above information was learned through attending career workshops at the University of Waterloo.**

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