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Five Tips on Creating your Online Brand

While face-to-face interaction still remains the key to networking, nowadays succesfully developing your online reputation is also of vital importance.  Below are five tips from Mack Male that will help you get started. The full article can be found here.

1. Look around to see what others are doing and develop ideas that you like.

2. Be deliberate and purposely with your online presence.

3. Make an impression by being unique and smart.

4. Stay active by updating regularly online.

5. Continue interacting in person with others.


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Student Research Guides

Dennis Bernstein is a engineering professor at the University of Michigan who has written a number of research guides for those new to research. The guides are written from his personal experiences with help from colleagues and references.  They are short, candid and honest, and tackle many firsts of a new researcher such as getting started on a problem, presenting and writing papers. All the guides are found here.

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Alberta Women’s Science Network


Alberta Women’s Science Network (AWSN) supports women of all ages with careers in (or wish to be in) science, engineering and information technology. AWSN is a community of women sharing ideas, supporting one another and promoting science and engineering across Alberta. There are opportunities for young women to be mentored, earn scholarships and attend conferences. Sponsors of AWSN include NSERC, Suncor and Canadian Pacific Railway.

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Negotiating Myths

In February, The Scientist Magaine published an article about negotiating offers for academic positions. (The full article can be found here.)  The article is based on six myths:

1. You must negotiate.

2. Negotiating is a disingenuous process.

3. Negotiating really means asking for more money.

4. There is a negotiation “type” and you either have it or don’t.

5. Men are better at negotiating than women.

6. Employers want to give only the lowest offer.

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