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Canadian Women in Aviation


The Canadian Women in Aviation is an organization that supports women in all areas related to aviation. Examples include providing information on scholarships, organizing conferences, promoting careers, developing networks and providing information on employment opportunities. The chapters across Canada are: Calgary, Edmonton, London, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.  Canadian Women in Aviation is part of Women in Aviation International.


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Employment Ontario Ottawa Network


Employment Ontario Ottawa Network is a career service website. They provide employment opportunities, career guidance, education training, recruitment events, etc.  Visit their website to learn more.

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How many PhDs are needed?


A recent article published in the Globe and Mail explores whether the number of PhD graduates in Canada is too high, too low or just right.  The article can be found here.

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Tips for Networking at Conferences

Many faculty and graduate students have summers off from teaching and course work. This provides the ideal opportunity to travel and present research at conferences. Here are a few tips for networking at conferences from the “Shepa Learning Company” (the full article can be found here) :

1. Thoroughly review the conference program in order to organize the sessions you wish to attend and read up on each presenter.

2. Attend social activites such as coffee breaks, lunches, banquets, etc.

3. Step out of your comfort zone by sitting with people you don’t know, starting elevator conversations and invite others to join in your conversation.

4. Ask questions during question period (but don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking).

5. Avoid using your ipad, cell phone or laptop during breaks.

6. Update your business cards and put them in your carry-on baggage.

7. Make an effort to reconnect with acquaintances as many people attend the same conference each year.


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Suspicious Publishers


A recent article in University Affairs magazine highlights the ever increasing number of publishers who have suspicious requests such as abhorrently high submission fees and unethicial screening practices.   Novice researchers, such as graduate students, are particularly suspectible as they are usually quite new to submitting their work for publication. Read the full article here.

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