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Set Networking Goals

Networking is hard and takes time to develop. One strategy is to set networking goals for yourself. For example, commit to participating in one networking activity a week. The activity can be big, such as attending an industry event, or very small, such as connecting with a colleague on LinkedIn. By setting a weekly goal, over time you will notice your networking skills improve and your network grow.


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Dropbox is an online tool for sharing documents. It is ideal for research workshops in which teams are working together to produce data, figures and pictures in a short period of time. Dropbox provides a quick, efficient and seamless way to share documents and produce the final report or presentation before the looming deadline.

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Tips on Receiving Email Responses


Here are six short suggestions that should encourage email responses. They were created by Adam Grant from his own perspective on his often bulging inbox. The full article can be found here.

1. Perfect the subject line.

2. Tell them why you chose them.

3. Show that you have done your homework.

4. Highlight uncommon commonalities.

5. Make your request specific, and keep it short and sweet.

6. Express graditude.

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Canadian Association of Gerontology


Gerontology is the study of aging. The Canadian Association of Gerontology governs all aspects of aging in Canada. They are involved in the practice, research, education and policies of aging. Their next conference, “Aging…from Cell to Society”, will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from October 17 to 19, 2013.

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