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Top Networking Challenges Solved

You often hear that networking is a full time job because it requires a lot of personal time, but it also requires a lot of hard work. Networking often requires people to be bold and assertive, and for many this does not come naturally. The following are 10 common challenges facing novel networkers.  The Shepa Learning Company has created an easy to read e-guide on simple solutions to these challanges. The e-guide can be found here.

  1. Being shy or introverted
  2. Getting up the nerve to speak to strangers.
  3. Breaking into a group.
  4. Small talk.
  5. Awkward encounters.
  6. Exiting conversations gracefully.
  7. Time and cost to network.
  8. Finding appropriate events.
  9. Maintaining relationships.
  10. Thinking you do not have much to contribute.

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Conference on Applied Mathematics

The aim of the New York Conference on Applied Mathematics is to strengthen communication and collaboration between scientists studying applied and computation mathematics. It is aimed for those working in and around the state of New York  and Southern Ontario (in Canada). This years conference is on November 9, 2013 at Cornell University. Some funding is available.

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Course Evaluations: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Course evalutions are questionnaires answered by students near the end of a course, tutorial or lab. Their aim is to provide feedback to the instructor on the course regarding such topics as the difficulty of the course content, clarity of the instructor, and pace of the course. Course evaluations are sometimes a controversial topic as their accuracy and usefulness is often questioned. A recent article, which is found here, from University Affairs Magazine aims to rectify this issue.  The article addresses many of the concerns related to course evaluations and provides useful solutions for these concerns.

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Centre for Women in Science


Wilfrid Laurier  Centre for Women in Science attracts, supports and celebrates women in science, engineering and mathematics. Follow this new  center as they grow and develop by attending events, donating, volunteering, etc.

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