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Crown Corporations


In Canada, crown corporations are government owned corporations operated like a company in the private sector.  These corporations are hybirds with aspects of both government and industry policies, procedures and management. Examples include VIA rail and the Bank of Canada. To learn more, click here.


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The Evolution of Business Cards


Business cards play an important role in networking and exchanging information. They date back to the 1400s and were primilary used by the upper class. Throughout history, their purpose, design and reception have taken many different forms. To learn more, read “Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Business Cards“.

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Talent Egg


Talent Egg is a Canadian website providing career tools, educational advice and employment opportunitites.  It covers all career types including forestry, engineering, marketing and graduate school. Visit Talent Egg to learn more.

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Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies


The Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies helps to promote research and education in Canada’s North.  They are active in providing researchers with funding and colloboration opportunities through their conferences, scholarships and network.

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