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New Year, New Goals


Start off the new year by actively networking in some small or big way. Write down your networking to-dos for the new year and strike through each item as they are acheived. Below are some suggestions:

1. Create those business cards.

2. Update your resume and CV.

3. Sign up for job alerts.

4. Reconnect with a colleague you lost touch with.

5. Update (or create) your LinkedIn profile.

6. Volunteer your time.

7. Apply for a suitable award or scholarship.


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Engineering Institute of Canada


The Engineering Institute of Canada was established almost 150 years ago in an effort to faciliate the growth and services related to engineering. Its objectives include continuing education, providing scholarships and awards, networking, and assisting with the development of engineering societies and conferences.

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Alberta Nanotechnology Symposium


The Alberta Nanotechnology Symposium will be on February 7, 2014 at the University of Alberta Campus. The aim of the symposium is to collaborate and development nanotechnology research.  Both oral and poster presentation opportunitites are available. Registration is $10 which includes lunch and the banquet. Abstracts are being accepted until January 17, 2014.

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Action Canada


Action Canada is a leadership and public policy development program for early career Canadian professionals. This is an 11 month program where selected candidates work in groups on a public policy project. Throughout this time, groups meet at five scheduled conferences across Canada and are also expected to continue their work between conferences. The program brings together academia, government, industry and media.

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Compute Canada

Compute Canada manages high performance computing systems across Canada. Working with Canadian universities, they help to ensure the availability of current technology needed for sophiscated research and scientific progress.

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