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International Development Research Centre

The work of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)  provides growth and development to developing countries via Canadian research. Most research areas fall under the following:

  • development
  • economics
  • environment
  • evaluation
  • food and agriculture
  • governance
  • health
  • information and communication
  • natural resources
  • science and technology
  • social policy.

There are funding opportunities for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, institutions (whether they be international or Canadian) and grants for approved research proposals.  There are also career opportunities for students and professionals at IDRC.  Keep up to date with IDRC by subscribing to their bulletin and blog.


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Agricultural Institute of Canada

The objectives of the Agricultural Institute of Canada are:

  • provide information through scientific journals, newsletter, research reports, review of university, college and government policies
  • networking and learning opportunities
  • contributing to government policy and international development
  • act as a unifying voice between government, universities, businesses and associations

In particular, the Agricultural Institute of Canada Foundation  is a charitable organization which supports the development of agricultural as a sustainable source of food, fuel and other bio-products. They also offer  grants and student scholarships to agriculture related research. For a list of their scholarships and grants, click here.

For further resources on Canadian agriculture, click here.

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Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) is a foundation focused on supporting the biomedical sciences through research, education and scientific activities.  Grants, awards and scholarships are geared towards (but not exclusive to) the following six areas of research: biomedical sciences, infectious disease, interfaces in science, population and laboratory based sciences, reproductive sciences and science education. There are also opportunities for those in mathematics, engineering and computer science.  Only U.S. and Canadian scientists are eligible. BWF also offers career development resources such as tips for a successful career and networking opportunities. Sign up via email to remain updated on the latest BWF news.

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